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B1/3S rehabilitation bed

The B1/3S rehabilitation bed is intended for long-term care. Its wooden frame makes it perfect for nursing homes, therapeutic and nursing institutions, hospices and home care.



  • four running wheels, two of which have a locking mechanism for movement and turning, with an optional wheel for directional movement
  • four-segment mattress frame with the adjustment of segments and frame height with electrical actuators controlled with a wired control (including a key enabling medical personnel to lock all functions at the same time)
  • bed frame made of wood and laminated board including wooden side rails
  • Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions
  • individual lock for four running wheels
  • mattress frame includes fin-type spring bars reinforced in the middle (optionally a permanently fixed powder-coated metal mesh)
  • sleeves for mounting a pull up rail or drip rack
  • lower leg segment adjustment with a ratchet mechanism
  • bumper disks (optional)

Additional equipment

  • anti-bedsore mattress S.CH
  • hospital mattress S1.CH
  • pull-up rail
  • drip rack with 2 or 4 hooks
  • urine pot mount
  • bedpan mount
  • frame for patient file with hidden personal information

Technical data

  • Total length 2140mm±5mm
  • Total width 1050mm±5mm
  • Mattress frame length 2020mm±5mm
  • Mattress frame width 890mm ±5mm
  • Back support angle 0°-70°
  • Upper leg segment angle 0°-42°
  • Lower leg segment angle 0°-22°
  • Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions 0°-12°
  • Mattress frame height adjustment 400-800mm ±5mm


  • Metal colours
  • RAL 7035
  • RAL 9006
  • RAL 9007
  • RAL 1015
  • RAL 5024
  • RAL 9005
  • RAL 9016
  • RAL 6018
  • RAL 1003
  • RAL 3002
  • Laminated board
  • Mountain alder
  • Bavaria beech
  • Cream
  • Water blue
  • Lime
  • Milano Yellow
  • Orange
  • White



Standard colour for wooden elements is Bavaria Beech.
Rest of the colours are available only in quantity over 50 or after agreement with Sales Department.