SP-02 Bedside Cabinet

Szafka przyłózkowa Sp-02

SP-02 Bedside Cabinet

Bedside cabinet intended for patient rooms in healthcare facilities and nursing homes.

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  • Cabinet made of furniture board

  • Cabinet fitted with one drawer on roller guide, a container with a shelf and a door and free space between the drawer and the container

  • Cabinet fitted with an additional sliding side panel – stored in the side wall of the cabinet

  • Cabinet on four casters, two with locks

  • Metal handles in the drawer and the door

  • The cabinet can be double sided as an option

Technical data

  • Height 870mm

  • Width 580mm

  • Depth 480mm

  • Sliding side panel 590×340 mm


  • Wooden cabinets
  • Mountain alder
  • Bavaria beech
  • Calvados
  • Oxford cherry
  • Cream
  • Water blue
  • Lime
  • Milano Yellow
  • Orange
  • White